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“Moving Forward…”


Avanti Marine is a Cape Town based company that designs, manufactures, and sells yachts aimed at the leisure and sail training market. The company, which was formed in 2023, is based in Cape Town.

The business was conceptualised by Erhardt Joubert and operates from premises in the Northern suburbs. We manufacture complete Yachts and primarily sell them directly to the consumer. The start-up design would be for a high performance 26ft yacht of mixed fibre glass and carbon fibre construction.

Our Market

Avanti Marine will sell yachts to distributors but also directly to individual consumers. We have appointed agents in Europe and the USA already. Australia and New Zealand will follow.

Since business relationships are based on trust, we will focus on developing direct relationships with our clients and ensure that they will gain the maximum benefit of being part of our “Avanti Family”, even long after the sale had been concluded.

The company’s social programmes, such as the school assistance scheme, will from an early stage demonstrate our commitment to “give back” to the sailing community.

OUR Products

We sell high-quality sailing yachts, utilising state of the art production methods and materials. Carbon fibre, stainless steel, fibre glass (using the latest resins) and wood are some of the materials used.

CNC manufacturing follows a fully-fledged CAD design phase. Advanced methods such as water tank testing is only one of many modern risk management techniques used.

Initially only one design will be manufactured but larger models will follow as the company is allowed to grow and evolve naturally in a controlled fashion.

We will employ a model for production which will allow the company to upscale production when needed.

All products will come with a one-year warranty.


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