Avanti 26

“a sensible boat”

Concept Genesis

The Avanti 26 concept was originally developed in response to the personal requirements of the designer, Erhardt Joubert. This need was for a boat that was affordable, very fast, sea kindly and versatile.

As the result of his own requirements, he realised that a new boat was needed for South Africa to serve a very wide range of demands including sail training, “Weekend sailing on the Vaal”, and match racing at a cost that will allow the fleet to grow naturally due to a good value proposition.

And so, the Avanti 26 was born…

The Design Features

  • CE Category B certification. 
  • Sufficient stability which allows the yacht to deal with bad weather and bring you home safely.
  • Decent light wind and good upwind performance to allow her to be sailed to her handicap.
  • Excellent surfing capability downwind.
  • Suitable for Short-handed sailing.
  • Stability enhancement with 150L of Water Ballast for Short-handed sailing.
  • A unique lifting keel which is secure when underway and would allow access to shallow anchorages.
  • Sleeping accommodation for a crew of 4.
  • Seated accommodation for all crew below deck.
  • Small galley allowing the crew to prepare refreshments.
  • Fixed toilet (no holding tank).
  • Spacious cockpit.
  • Price below R1.2 million incl Vat (including trailer).
  • Gelcoat finish for long term value retention and faster production.
  • Can be launched with an average 4×4 pick up truck.
  • Easily transported by road for long distances to participate in interclub regattas.


  • Length: 8m (excluding Bowsprit)
  • Beam: 2.65m (15 deg rotation on trailer to 2.5m)
  • Draft: 1.9m
  • Weight without crew: 1150kg
  • Fixed Ballast: 500kg
  • Water Ballast: 150 L
  • Upwind Sail Area: 37m2
  • Asymmetric Spinnaker: 70m2
  • Twin rudders for improved performance
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