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achieved a design that will elevate

The Avanti 26 – “A sensible Boat”

Erhardt Joubert, the founder, has through hard work and perseverance, achieved a design that will elevate the Avanti 26 to the upper strata of the one design and ORC fleets. The company can now offer a cost-effective answer to the current unfulfilled demand for an affordable yacht which will allow the yachting fraternity to grow at grass roots level.

The product design has been created, and a mock up scale model has been produced using 3D printing. Initial tank testing was successfully completed and a retired naval architect of international fame, Ernst Van Der Laan, acts as a consultant. Through extensive testing, Eckhardt has achieved a high level of performance which will ensure that the Avanti 26 will put a smile on the faces of the most accomplished sailors.

The company’s competitive edge is based on the on the water performance of its product, the pricing achieved by its manufacturing methods, compliance with CE level B safety certification, and a lean and productive team who can react faster than its competitors to changing market conditions.

Moulds to produce the first hull have been manufactured and infusion of the laminate is about to take place.














Class Association

The builder will run a class association to help promote competitive racing and limit running costs in an interactive relationship with the boat owners. This association will also contribute to the evolution and improvement of the design. With the directors’ involvement in the L26, Cape31 and ORC classes, the Avanti 26’s integration into the yachting community will be facilitated. Input from the trustees of the Lipton Challenge Cup would be sourced.

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